Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Senor Havin A Little Trouble

I'm working on Pierre on Wii Sports Boxing, but I'm having some difficulty with him. It is now becoming an issue that I can't seem to get the Wiimote to respond to my commands for roundhouse punches and uppercuts. Is anyone else struggling with this, or am I the only one? I'm sick of being dropped to the mat because the console won't execute. I'm also having trouble getting it to punch sometimes. About 20% of the time, when I throw a punch, it doesn't respond. And to answer the first question, yes, it has fresh batteries.


mike3k said...

Yes, I also have that problem with Wii Boxing. The nunchuck especially doesn't seem to react many times.

J. R. said...

I also have problems with it not reacting as well - but I developed a way of boxing with it so it got me up to abut 1500 on Pro.

Literally what I do is dodge from side to side for most of the rounds - usually your opponent will go to punch you and it will slow down like bullet time when you dodge (kind of like the Matrix). Then you just start waylaying on them for 3-5 punches and go back to dodging.

You get some super hits like that when you punch hard enough and can take off over half their health. Just keep repeating until you win.

The only guy I have problems with is when you fight your trainer. I can beat everyone else with the above method.

archshrk said...

I don't play much since I only play at my friend's house but the few times I've boxed I usually get my butt handed to me for this very same reason. Yet my other people don't seem to have this problem. One difference is that I'm 6'4" and I noticed another tall guy has a similar problem. So we're thinking that has something to do with it.