Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogging Hypocrite

I've been ribbing many blog friends about how long has elapsed since their last post. Now I realize that a whole week has gone by since my last post. I was hoping to be truer than that.

I have been submitting recipes over at J.R.'s blog wiiweightlossplan.com. You should check them out. Part of losing weight is taking your nutrition seriously.

I have not been as true as I hoped mostly because I have found myself amidst an undesired controversy at work, so I am looking for other employment opportunities. This is consuming a lot of my time. Revamping a resume is no easy task, nor is going to great lengths to dig up viable leads. So, I'm working on it. I know it isn't Wii, but I picked up Taiko Drum Master last Friday, and am working up a decent sweat playing that for a few minutes a night. If you have a PS2 (because we all know it was the dominant gaming force of the last generation), it is worth picking up if you have rhythm. If you don't, don't bother. You'll just get frustrated.

Well, off to shower so I can wake up at 4am tomorrow to do it all over again.

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Chelf said...

I finally found a Wii. We were in Edmond, doing a little roaming shopping, and found five of them at the Target. I have been all over OKC, and I find what I want in uppity Edmond. Who knew?

My right arm hurts. I do a lot of golf, tennis and BOWLING. I am a pretty good bowler in real life, but this game is addictive!

Mom used to bowl in a league when she was in college. They used to have "backwards night". If you usually bowl with right, you must bowl the evening with the left. I may switch my Mii for this, just to get my arms feeling the same. My weenie girly-girl weak arms.

De-flabbing by sickness right now. Hope to get moving again soon.

Oh, and J? It has been a long time since you posted here, dude. :-)